Make More Sales from Guesting on Podcasts | Become a Communication Queen
How One Coach Made $70,000 by Appearing on Other People’s Podcasts
If you’re currently NOT making sales from getting booked on podcasts, then you’re most likely MISSING what I’m about to reveal...LIVE on this FREE training!
In this Training, You Will...
How to get booked on podcasts in a way that SAVES you time and make you MORE Sales (without hiring an expensive agency)!
The 7- Step Framework to start profiting by guest podcasting by targeting the RIGHT podcasts with the RIGHT stories.
Make the global impact you know you were born to make, with LESS work + MORE ease, in a fun way, by sharing your knowledge + experiences.
Learn how to Profit from Guest Podcasting
...and become a Communication Queen.
No matter what industry or stage of business you're in, if you have a story to share, a heart for service, and a product or service to sell, guest podcasting can profitably transform your business.

Meet Kimberly
High Performance Coach
Founder of
I am a champion for visionary leaders who deserve to stand out, be heard, and who boldly dare to consciously build an empire that makes both income + impact for those they serve.

With 2 boys under 4, this mamapreneur ain't got time to be wasting on posting on social media all day or on lead gen strategies that DON'T work or that cost a ton of money to test. After over 50+ podcast appearances that generated over $70,000 in income directly from those shows in 2020 alone, I'm bringing our most effective and simplest simple lead generation strategy I've found to you...

So that you can MAKE MORE SALES and work LESS. Because, after all, you didn't start a business to spend ALL your time behind a computer, right? Isn't it time you had that peace + freedom, now?

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